Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Purple Kimono & Green Turtle ATCs

Hi all! These ATCs are for a swap of monochromatic cards. The folks I made them for chose the colours and the themes. The kimono and the turtle were nice, easy to draw subjects which I then cut and pasted on another paper. I did the outlines with a Promarker (purple) and a slightly finer Adirondack marker (green).

The background of the Kimono is painted with watercolours and that of the Turtle with acrylics.

This is a super fast way to make cards that are cool nevertheless. I think they turn out best if at least some of your papers are hand painted or decorated. A good way to use to last scraps of previous projects!

Last but not least, I just heard of a free workshop for everyone who loves colours. Summer of Color 2013 is a free blog event to celebrate all the colours of the rainbow, and lasts for six weeks starting Monday, June 3rd. Right now there's a vote going on about the first colour combo. There's a new challenge and new prizes every week, so it's really worth taking a look!

ATC-vaihto yhden värin sävyillä

Nämä ATC-kortit tein vaihtoon, jonka aiheena oli monokromaattiset kortit. Saaja sai toivoa värin ja aiheen. Kimono ja kilpikonna olivat mukavan helppoja piirtää ja leikata paperista ja liimata taustalle. Ääriviivat vahvistin tusseilla.

Kimonokortin tausta on maalattu vesiväreillä ja kilpikonnan akryyliväreillä.

Tämä on tosi helppo ja nopea tekniikka, jolla syntyy silti tyylikkäät kortit. Parhaiten niistä saa persoonallisen näköisiä, jos ainakin osaksi käyttää käsin maalattuja papereita. Sopii silppulaatikon aarteita rakastaville!

Lopuksi suosittelen kaikille värien ja värihaasteiden ystäville ilmaista workshoppia nimeltä Summer of Color 2013. Se on juuri alkanut ja parhaillaan on äänestys ensimmäisen haasteen väriyhdistelmästä. Uusi värihaaste palkintoineen on tarjolla viikottain, joten kannattaa kurkata!


  1. Thanks for sharing these great ideas about making ATCs. I have only made a few, so I'm a beginner, and tips like these are very helpful to me.

    I'm also interested in the info about the new color challenge. I'll be certain to look into it, since I love color!!!

    Thanks also for your comments on my mini album. Yes, the number of Dr. Who episodes is staggering. I think it may be best to begin by viewing the 2003 reboot (starring Christopher Eccelston and Billie Piper), then go forward from there. Later, if you have extra time, you can sample the older episodes from the 20th century. Have fun!

  2. Thanks for the challenge link Salla, will take a look, Love your little turtle, so cute!

  3. Thank you! I'm glad you were interested in the SOC link and hope it's gonna be as fun as it sounds!

  4. Hei Salla, kiva kun kävit blogissani!! Minulla on muuten leimasinarvonta meneillään, joten ehkä olet kiinnostunut osallistumaan siihen :)!! Terkut, Sanna

  5. Hello!
    How kind of you to mention the Summer of Color in this way! I'm so happy you found us and that you'll be playing along this year. It is an honor to have you, xoxo

  6. Two cute ATC's Salla, I am loving your backgrounds. Thanks also for the link to the SOC will definitely pop over and check it out! xx

  7. Morning! Thanks for your message - just to let you know - the poll is now fixed. whew, xoxo