Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Play with Words: Found Poetry ATCs

Hi! Here are some ATCs I made for a Found Poetry themed swap. Found poetry means small poems or poetic sentiments made of phrases and words that you cut from books, magazines or any printed text.

I really enjoyed making these cards - now I just need to get more books I can cut! Playing with words and sentences, I got to use a slightly different side of creativity than I do most of the time, when I process mainly visual things.

I do write scrapbook journaling and this blog, of course, but in those activities I don't often use words as creatively as I'd like to. Found poetry on the other hand - I really enjoyed how the bits and pieces of books sparked my imagination, and I was free to play with the words and could skip the coherent story part this time!

I started these cards around Halloween and though they are not exactly Halloween themed, there is a sort of eerie and quirky feeling that may have been inspired by the closeness of October the 31st...

I'm linking to the Three Muses Challenge where the week's theme was Freestyle. Have a nice week!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Altered Playing Cards with Beeswax

Hello everyone, and happy Sunday! Here are some altered playing cards, also called APCs, that I made for a swap last week. It was an open themed one, but I made several with birds. It was hard to part from these and I think I might start collecting a bird themed deck next. See an old post of mine here if you want to know more about collecting APCs and the theme of my first deck!

These cards are all made using beeswax as the medium. Again, I'm linking to posts from a year and a half ago when I first started experimenting with beeswax: see here and here! I'll be teaching two Christmas card workshops with beeswax next weekend so I hope to post some examples during the week.

I hope to see you again soon!