Monday, 4 May 2015

Quick Travel Journal Spread

Happy Monday, and Happy May! I promised in my last post to show a super quick journal spread made with only the products I included in my Travel Journal Kit, so here it goes! Oh, one thing that I don't have in my kit is the gesso, but I typically prepare the pages a bit in advance so that was not necessary to have on the road.

I'm not a very confident drawer or watercolourist, and it's not always easy to think up things to draw or paint. So I quite like the idea I did here: clipped a magazine image I liked and tried to repeat it in painting. I'm really happy how it turned out!

Like the Travel Journal Kit post, this spread was originally made for Allt om Scrap DT and is from last year already. So if you wondered if we're still not having spring in Finland - oh yes, we do! It came unusually early this year, too.

I hope to post the covers of my journal in the next couple of days, so you're most welcome back to check them out! Have a nice week!