Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Travel News & A Travel Journal Kit!

Hello! To those of you who pop in regularly, I owe huge apologies for disappearing for three whole months. This totally unplanned break was luckily not due to any tragic event. On the contrary, a long time travel dream of ours is about to happen and since we made the decision to do it this spring, the plans and preparations and general excitement have taken all my free time and thinking capacity!

Myself, husband and our boys aged 7 and 1 are heading for the USA and Canada for a whole month, starting next week. We’d saved and hoped for this trip for several years and still, since we finally got the flights in the end of January, time has truly flown by. I still can’t really believe it’s happening until, probably, the night before our departure!

Meanwhile, now that our plans are nearly settled, I hope to post a few previously unposted projects before we leave. While we are away, I don’t think I’ll be posting at all – unless I’m inspired to do something very quick and improvised on the way. I decided early on that scheduled posts are out of question, for the simple reason that I’ve had less crafting time this year and I wouldn’t have enough projects, nor the time to do the posts. Instead, I hope to return from our trip with a lot of inspiration and new ideas!

And you bet, some new materials as well!

Do you like to keep an art journal or do other sorts of crafts when you’re travelling?

I’m planning a small Travel Kit to carry with me, to entertain the kids as well as myself on the long journeys and rainy days. Before it’s ready, though, I realized I have another Travel Journal Kit of mine from last year that I have not yet shown here! Here you can see my original DT post at the Swedish Allt om Scrap site.

When I take art supplies with me, I usually pack way too much, so it’s always a challenge to make it small. How good that I came to think of my previous kit, before I pack a new one! I think taking a look at what I included last year will help me remember what may have been missing, and what may not have been needed at all.

This Travel Journal Kit includes:
  • small journal (choose paper that suits your media: stronger paper for wet media and heavy collage)
  • pencil, sharpener and eraser black pen(s); mine is a Pitt Artist Pen Set
  • other favourite pens
  • watercolour pencils or travel watercolour box
  • water brush
  • ink pads; I have Black Staz-On for stamping on any surface and a few small coloured ones from Versafine and Versacraft
  • glue and scissors
  • a few favourite stamps and acrylic block
  • small bag of collage images, paper scraps and ephemera
  • double sided tape
  • a few favourite washi tapes
  • Stickles or Liquid Pearls
  • minitubes of acrylic paint and a piece of foam for applying it
  • baby wipes for cleaning the stamps 

I hope to see you soon again with a quick journal spread I created with the abovementioned products, and when my new kit is packed, I hope I have time to post that too before embarking on the journey!

I suppose it goes without saying that I would love, love, love to see your Travel Journal Kits, too, and hear what everyone's favourite products are. Have a nice week!