Monday, 7 January 2013


I almost forgot to post my piece for this week's Collage Obsession Challenge, Doors. That probably happened because the journal page did not feel completed at the time I made it, and it still kind of doesn't. With deadline fast approaching, and without an idea of what to add, I thought why not post it anyway! Do you have an idea of what this page might need?


  1. It's beautiful and interesting and you really have to follow your instincts. I see a woman sitting on the steps in front of the door, but she's a little difficult to find. But then, that could be part of what you're saying here.

  2. Hello Salla, happy new year. I agree with the above comment, it does seem to be a woman sitting on the step..but maybe it is best to leave the viewer to interpret her shape and the way you have printed the pattern against the blue, great use of colour.

  3. Thank you so much for your nice comments! It is indeed a woman sitting here, but quite an ethereal one, so I'm glad you can see her. I was also wondering if the page might need some borders, with the kraft paper showing here and there. But maybe I'll just leave the page as it is, unless I have a better idea!