Saturday, 22 June 2013

Pink & Orange Whimsical Chicken // Kirjavaiset kanaset

Hello all, and Happy Midsummer to you!

Here in Finland, Midsummer Eve is one of the most important celebrations of the year. Traditionally, it's a holiday we want to spend near the nature and by the water, with a sauna, good food, decorations of flowers and birch branches, maybe going to a barn dance and watching bonfires by the water. My family does not have one settled tradition, but this year we actually did go to a countryside dance in a barn, by the sea, with a bonfire later on, when the dusk began to fall!

Today I got myself some crafting time again and made these quick and easy 4x4 inches chunky pages. I had the colour combo Hot Pink & Orange in mind from the Summer of Color: Week Two Challenge.

These chunky 4x4 pages, or one of them, will also go to a Pick-a-Theme (PAT) Swap at ATCs for All. The recipient asked for Whimsical Birds, and though I don't know this style so well yet, I recently learned that drawing a bit out of proportion is an easy way to create a whimsical look.

So I gave these chickies those super long legs, and I'm quite happy with how they look! And no, I was not thinking of Easter yet... I just somehow thought of chickens when I was to do birds with pink and orange colours. See, I really love those heritage chicken sorts that have a very orangish colour, wonder what's the right name for this shade of brown!

Juhannustanssit on tanssittu tältä vuodelta, ja tänään ehdin jo pikkaisen askarrellakin. Mukavaa juhannusviikonlopun jatkoa kaikille!

Nämä ovat taas ns. chunky-sivuja, mitoiltaan sen 10x10 cm. Pinkki ja oranssi olivat viikon värit Summer of Color -sivustolla ja hassunkurisia lintuja oli puolestaan toivonyt yksi ATCs for All -vaihtokumppani.

Tykkään kovasti perinnekanaroduista, niistä punaruskeista, joten kun ajattelin oranssia lintua, ajattelin kanaa. En siis ollut tekemässä vielä pääsiäiskortteja, vaikka perheelle tuli se mieleen kun näkivät valmiit kanakortit!


  1. Your chickies are real cuties! I don't know the whimsical style yet as I am pretty new to all this, but to me, they arre really gorgeous!

  2. Sound like you had an amazing Midsummer celebration!!. We don't celebrate it here in Kuala Lumpur, but the idea of a party in nature, dance, good music and good cheers seemed perfect to me!. Weather has been really hazy here, all I could do is just watch the supermoon rising from my window :). I ADORE your cute chicken, walking on the shell-y ground :).

  3. Visiting from SOC. Your whimsical bird is so perfect for the pink and orange theme. Everything fits so perfectly together, and she looks such a happy chick. Lovely

  4. You are so creative!!!!! I love your chickens and how you created wonderful works of art with them! And wow! Your Midsummer's Eve celebration sounds like it was amazing. I would love to have been there dancing in the barn along with you!!!!!

  5. Your chickens are adorable!

    Hope you had a nice Midsummer. The Finnish traditions that you described sound very enjoyable.

    Thanks so much for introducing me to SOC. I've been enjoying creating for the challenges.

  6. I think the name for the shade of oranish brown is oranish!I know the ones you mean! :) I loved hearing about your Midsummer celebrations, what a lovely way to spend the summer solstice, the days are so long in the north at this time of year it is good reason to celebrate. I love your long legged chickens. Thank you for leaving such wonderful comments on my last piece, I smiled when I read them, you are such a sweet soul.

  7. What cute whimsical birds. They are perfect in these colours. Gorgeous.

  8. I do too! They are so cute and whimsical and I love their long legs. Wonderful work, thank you! xoox

  9. Ooooh...these are adorable.

    Glad you had a great Midsummer's with your family. It sounds lovely.