Sunday, 19 January 2014

Male Scrappers Theme at AoS: Scraplifting Eoghann Mayfair, Lord of Scrap

Do you know any scrapbooking men? I must admit that I didn't, though there actually are some. And today at Allt om Scrap there's a chance to get to know two of them! They are known by their artist names, Eoghann Mayfair from France and Charlemagne G Gargalicano (Charllie) from the Philippines.

I chose to scraplift from Eoghann, also called the Lord of Scrap, from his series of tags called Le Jardin, la Nuit (The Garden at Night in English).

These are Eoghann's original tags. I was particularly inspired his grandiose baroque flowers and his use of dark, strong colours together with the contrasting white.

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