Wednesday, 30 March 2016

CSI 193: Dear Messy Home

Long time no see − I'm so happy to be joining the CSI Challenge again after a long break!

And of course very happy to see all of you readers again. Warm thanks to everyone who has visited or commented! I haven't been as productive as I would like to this winter, but now I feel energetic and inspired to catch up.

For my Testimony, I chose a theme from 365 Questions: On a scale of 1 to 10, how clean is your house? (I shall tell you more about this in a minute).

I'm really happy with the background, by the way! It was something I had started previously and found when I was looking for papers in this week's CSI colours. It's mixed media on an old Basic Grey paper, using stencils, modeling paste and acrylic paint, crayons and what else. I like how the pattern still shows through a bit.

This is what the CSI Major Case File #193 looks like:

For Evidence, I'm using String, and Frames, which are of Something transparent. I found an unused Halloween themed transparency and took it to mat two of the photos. I like the effect I got combining its black doodles with the string.

From Evidence, I was also inspired by Labels, and from Testimony, the Frame Your Story one. I was thinking of those themes when I decided to make my journaling in strips and frame some words, but I'm not sure if these would count.

And the one spider - our home is not quite that dusty but at our country cottage we do spot spiderwebs here and there! I left the middle photo without the transparent frame since I wanted some empty space between the two.

The cleanliness of our home was actually a good theme to think about! I asked the opinion of my 8-year-old as well, and we had the same sort of idea of where in the scale we'd be. Between 6 and 8. My journaling says: Our home is quite messy. There is a lot of stuff, and so much more important and fun things to do in life than cleaning! I enjoy putting things in their places, but those things that don't really have a place at all, that's the trouble!

The journaling continues on the back of the layout and it's about how we gave the grade 7. On someone else's scale we might get a 5 or even worse, but I didn't want to compare with someone who has very different expectations than we ourselves. Our mess does not bother us terribly, we all have quite similar ideas about how it should be and hardly argue about cleaning at all. So it's 7 is compared to 10 as in our own ideal cleanliness, not a general one!

I used this fun sketch from Memuaris, but was late to join the link-up.

I hope to join CSI soon again and hope to see you joining, too! It's really fun for a change to combine colour palette, theme and techniques in the same challenge.

They are also having a DT Call open right now, until April 9. I'm thinking of applying and if you do as well, check it out here!

Thanks for popping in, and see you in a couple of days for the April Scrap Africa Challenge, if not before then!

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